Super lube hubs -

Benefits of the sure-lube grease system. - Standard on all Emilios Braked Trailers.


  • Provides positive lubrication by eliminating air pockets in the hub cavity
  • Clean, easy maintenance, no disassebly required
  • Allows you to change grease in the hubs in just minutes by pumping the
    old grease out using the new grease
  • See the procedure on





The super lube bearing grease will add years of life to your bearings.When you push grease into the grease zerk fitting, the grease travels through the spindle, past the inner bearing, past the outer bearing and back to you effectively placing new grease throughtout the hub.By comparison, oil bath hubs should be checked after every loading/unloading cycle to make sure water has not penetrated and diluted the oil.Small leaks can caude the oil to escape and once this happens, bearing failure is quick and complete within a few miles.










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